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The BIRTH of a new Year!

It sure has been one wild ride. While I've been meaning to continue with these blogs the past couple of weeks has been so hard.

Right when things started to look amazing for me with the imminent launch of my new book my mother fell ill.

For a split second, I had forgotten what brought me along so well this past year. My faith. It wasn't broken but it was nicked a bit.

For that brief moment, I felt hurt again. It was at that time I remembered what I had struggled through and what I had been through. When I realized it I finally re-awoke and was a strong man in faith again for what my mother temporarily went through.

Why am I sharing this? Well to remind you all that yes we can have moments of greatness but sometimes things always happen and it's at those times we need to make a conscious choice again. Do we ultimately bend and break falling back into those holes we worked so hard to climb out of? Or are we reminded that sometimes it has to get dark before the light can truly shine through once again?

It shows that we are human and that none of us are prone to the bad things that happen. SO as this year winds to an end I am glad to say that I am still on track feeling amazing with my new regime. Getting fit and being healthy is a huge part of that. But also knowing that it doesn't matter how old or how much we have been through. What matters is what we do right now with the few precious moments we have.

I'm excited. My book has now launched to much success and I am diligently working on my next one. These will be my only two works of Non-Fiction as I am predominately a Fiction writer with many amazing stories to tell. SO if you want to sample a bit by all means please do.

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