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Eye of the tiger

They say that sometimes you need to give it everything you've got. that despite the struggle and pains, if you truly want something, you need to break down those walls and push right on through!

In Rocky, Apollo called this the EYE OF THE TIGER. This is so true. When Doctors told me I couldn't, I told them to watch because I could. And despite every single scientific approach they threw at me, I still doubted them.

Nothing will ever prevent me again from getting what I want in this life or the next. This is a new week. I just got done doing my routine for today, and let me say that I am slightly sore but not like I was last week. This week it feels just a tad bit different. While I have no magical DeLorean Time Machine and definitely no Doc,, I have an amazing Trainer named Trevor.

I'm excited to see what this week will bring me. So get ready folks. I'm going all in because in this game I'm sitting on a Royal Flush, life just doesn't know it yet!

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