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A Small Setback...

Sometimes a small setback pushes you forward. It's been a very rough past couple of weeks. What was supposed to be an amazing October for me turned out to be one of the worst. Let me explain.

You see my long-awaited book was supposed to launch. My recovery was going as planned and then a few things happened.

I lost an aunt and two long-time friends to Covid-19. And just when I was done mourning for them I lost one of my dearest writing friends to a fire and a collapsed home.

It was brutal. I sat and while I continued with my exercises and routine a rush of intense emotions hit me all at once. How could I survive with a less than 1% chance of living and yet these people were whisked and pulled right from under me.

While I understand fully life and death it still doesn't mean that I'm invincible or have no feelings when it comes to these issues. Yes, I did defy all science and logic through true faith and sheer will but what about my dear friends and aunt? Did they not do that? Why were they taken?

These were words that haunted my brain during the Halloween season. It was tough. But I've since recovered and am now easing my way back into my daily routines again.

Sometimes it's these smaller setbacks that allow us to regain our composure. It definitely brought that sense of reality back to me and allowed me to re-ground myself. Something I desperately needed. I was pushing myself far too hard with everything and through their loss, I realized that I needed to find a balance.

A balance of working hard and relaxation. A balance of Ferocity and love. And for me I did. Trevor again thank you for helping me with this. And thank you for always keeping in touch. I couldn't be along my way without you brother!

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