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A Little progress each day leads to BIG RESULTS!

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

It's crazy to see how much this message means to me now. When I got out of the hospital, a nurse I am honored to call a friend now gave this to me.

She cried and told me that I had inspired her. That when her days got rough, she would always remember the strength I had to push forward.

She gave me this message and I've kept it ever since. It's crazy how far I have come. This time last year, I was fighting for my life, and now I stand before you. Writing this message.

While I have come a very long way, it truly does take a team to encourage you and lend support when needed. I have worked tirelessly to regain the form and strength of my former self. But I had been in a locked stand still for a while. I knew that I needed to make some further adjustments to my workout regime and dietary needs.

It's incredible what reaching out and not being afraid can do for someone. I reached out within an amazing community and found an amazing individual. Trevor Knowles! He has inspired me further by providing me the tools I further needed to help get me over this final hump to true health and happiness.

This past week has been an intense one for me. My body aches, my muscles are sore, and there are sometimes where I'm like, ugh, I just want to lie in bed for just a few more minutes. But I don't. I get up, and I push through. These aches are far different than the ones I witnessed this same time a year ago. Those were utter pain. These pains, while they hurt a little, are simple my aches of progress, and in due time, these too shall pass.

I'm anxious to see what the coming days and weeks will bring for me. Trevor has been amazing. Checking with me each day and further encouraging me to reach new heights. I'm honored and glad to call him a friend.

Today I did my routine as scheduled, and now, with newfound energy, I am off to help my good friend with his non-profit organization helping those in need in areas hit hard by this pandemic.

Like the message, I got almost one year ago. Every little step counts to the bigger goal. It's important to set smaller goals within the larger ones because then you see results. That end of the tunnel suddenly doesn't seem so far. The unattainable becomes within reach. With each small step, those steps become a larger leap!

My mind body and soul are ready! I truly am looking forward to tomorrow!! More to come. Thank you all for reading.

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